How do I get dividends?
Dividends would be paid by cheques, drawn in the name of the sole holder /first-named holder (as determined by the account and mailed to the last address recorded in the books). The Bank name and the Account no. as specified in the records will also be mentioned in the cheque. The cheque will be payable at par in all the cities designated by the Fund. In case of other cities, you will be paid by a Demand Draft after deducting the demand draft charges (if any and depending upon the concerned AMC).

What are Dividend re-investment plans? Do loads prevail?
It is combination feature of both growth and dividend plan. Dividends are declared as in a dividend plan. But are not received instead are reinvested in the scheme. No, there is no load on re-investment of dividends into the same fund. In a dividend reinvestment plan, the dividend is reinvested in the scheme itself. Hence instead of receiving dividend, the unit holders receive units. Thus units would be allotted under the dividend reinvestment.

I have not received my dividends what do I do?
Write a letter to AMC for not receiving the dividend.