Account Statement

What is statement of account?
A document issued by the mutual fund, which gives details of their transactions and holdings of an investor.

Within how much time a person should receive the Account Statement?
Mutual funds are required to dispatch certificates or statements of accounts within six weeks from the date of closure of the initial subscription of the scheme. In case of close-ended schemes, the investors would get either a demat account statement or unit certificates as these are traded in the stock exchanges. In case of open-ended schemes, a statement of account is issued by the mutual fund within 30 days from the date of closure of initial public offer of the scheme. The procedure of repurchase is mentioned in the offer document

Can I get my account statement and other communication on email?
Yes, you can get email communication instead of the physical communication of the following:

Account Statement, OR
Quarterly Newsletter & Annual Report, OR
Communication on change of Address, Bank, etc.

You need to provide your email id and subscribe for the above at the time of investing by ticking at the relevant column of the application form / common transaction form.

I have multiple accounts in a fund. Can I consolidate?
Yes, you can consolidate multiple accounts in a fund. The pre-requisite for consolidation is that all static details like Address, Bank, Mode of Holding; Unit holders etc… have to be identical across all accounts in a fund. Upon receipt of a valid request, consolidation into a single account would take place.

How do I get a duplicate account statement?
An account statement can be obtained from the following sources:
Requesting any of the CAMS SERVICE Centers
Writing / email / phone to back office at CAMS or its SERVICE Centers
Requesting through CAMS Website under Account Information –
Email robot service sends the account statement to the registered email id in no time
Requesting through CAMS Website under Query / Complaints –
Email / physical account statement would be sent to the Investor at their registered address

I have changed my residence. What should I do?
You have to inform the nearest CAMS SERVICE CENTRE / concerned AMC in writing, appropriately signed, so that they can make changes in the database. Alternatively, you can submit a request at the CAMS website to record the change by logging on to the Account Information with a PIN reference under Investors section. An acknowledgement will be sent reflecting the change.